Lynda Hocker

Lynda had her first Pilates lesson in 1998 after suffering from severe shoulder pain--a result of badly healed torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders.  She had two retail stores and was in constant pain from  lifting boxes and merchandising on walls and shelves above her head.  Not only did the first Pilates lesson begin the subtle rehabilitation of both her shoulders, it started a craving within her for the next lesson, and then the next.  Before she knew it, her entire body had changed and her energy and endurance had increased dramatically.  Her shoulders were better, as was everything else.  

In 2001 she moved to Hawaii and purchased a cheesy reformer and tried to re-create what she had done in her lessons and found that she remembered some things, but not that many.  She kept her eyes and ears open for anyone there who might offer Pilates.  Finally, in 2006, she and a teacher found each other in South Maui.  This teacher was trained in Classical Method Pilates and Lynda felt like a whole new world had opened while taking lessons with her. 

Shortly after that, Lynda left her dream home to apprentice in Seattle at Metropolitan Pilates under Dorothee VandeWalle.  Her apprenticeship required 1700 hours in training, and Lynda stopped counting around 3000 hours.  She received her full certification to teach all levels of Pilates exercises on all Pilates apparatus in 2009.  

Lynda opened two Pilates studios in Seattle, yet found that she yearned for sunshine. So, she moved back to Southern California near where she had grown up. 

Lynda opened her studio in Yucca Valley in 2015 and has enjoyed a busy studio.  Additionally, she has been overjoyed with the wonderful people she has met and taught: from a Yucca Valley High School football player, to a gal born in 1923, Lynda has shared her knowledge, experience,  passion and devotion for the work of Joseph Pilates, enabling her clients to become strong throughout their bodies, diminish or eliminate pain, and to feel really good.  




The Real Thing

 ​Authentic Method Pilates


Our studio

Our fresh and clean studio, centrally located in the heart of Yucca Valley, is easy to find and has plenty of parking. 

Our studio is equipped with Gratz apparatus.  Gratz equipment is the best Pilates equipment made, and is hand crafted to Joseph Pilates specifications. It is the equipment for which his exercises were designed.

We teach Classical Method Pilates, also known as the Authentic Method.  We teach the exercises that Joseph Pilates created, staying as true to his method as possible.  In doing this, our students transform their bodies and achieve things they never thought they could.  

Our mission is this:  We want you to feel better when you leave the studio than you did when you entered. 

Works like a charm.  The "looking better" part is the icing on the cake.    


Our Teachers