​Authentic Method Pilates



Authentic Method Pilates is a principle based exercise method.  The six principles are applied to each exercise for proper execution and maximum effect.  There is a purpose and process to every exercise which we discuss and feel in great depth.  Once a student learns and feels the exercises with the principles applied, the principles are automatically applied to everyday life, for life.  Pilates is a gift that keeps on giving.  



Pre-Pilates is recommended for those new to Pilates and are rehabilitating from surgery or an illness, or have conditions that require a more safe and concentrated workout.  We use less spring tension and do exercises specific to each student's  needs.  A 30 minute lesson is often preferred by Pre-Pilates clients.  All 30 minute lessons are private.

Basic Pilates

A new client will learn a series of basic exercises on the reformer and Mat.  A specific order, as prescribed by Joseph Pilates, is taught for the most effective use of the powerhouse (often referred to as the core), and a lengthening and strengthening of the entire body in an efficient, logical manner.  Our students begin to learn to let go of the major muscles and engage the smaller supportive muscles, therefore protecting their joints and building all over strength at once.  Several exercises using the Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrel, Wall Unit, Cadillac, Magic Circle, and arm weights are also incorporated to our Basic lessons.   

Learning and executing Basic Pilates provides a foundation to begin integrating Intermediate exercises into the Basic workout, and then the basic order morphs into the next level of exercises.

Intermediate Pilates    

Once a student is solid in their basic work, we begin to teach new and more complex exercises.  A new order is learned on both the Reformer and Mat, and new more demanding exercises are learned on all the other extra apparatus mentioned above.  The work becomes more intense and dynamic. We begin connecting each exercise through transitions that make the workout seamless and efficient.  By this time, a complete change of the student's body is taking place;  Longer, leaner muscles have and are developing, clothes are fitting differently,  good posture has become effortless.  The student's energy level has increased, as well as one's endurance.    

Advanced Pilates

Once a student becomes highly proficient in executing Intermediate exercises, we begin to integrate select advanced exercises into both Mat and Reformer work.  Advanced exercises are highly demanding sometimes risky.  We approach all work with a safety first mentality, therefore increasing the odds of success in achieving  highly complex and demanding exercises while avoiding injury.  Chair exercises are taken to new levels as are those using the Cadillac/Wall Unit, Pedi-Pole,  and Barrels.  

Skype Pilates

For those who have equipment at home or are interested in Mat work, and find it more convenient not travel to a studio, we offer Skype Lessons.  


 Student Teacher Lessons

Non-certified teachers in training are available to teach healthy students with few or no limitations while working toward their certification.  These lessons are offered available at a rate of $30 per lesson.